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Your print design is sexy, and so is CBW’s alternative to the plastic shrink sleeve label or large MOQ-required beverage can. We not only care about your business, but also our collective impact on the environment.

With our digital printing process, we’ve reduced our plastic use to near zero. Without a shrink sleeve label or sticker label wrapped around it, an aluminum can is 100% recyclable, over and over, forever. Take that, global warming. Not to mention, recycling saves 92% of the energy that’s required to produce cans from new aluminum. Not only can your customers recycle our cans, but also the carriers linking them and the trays they come in.

To wrap things up (no pun intended), our digital printing process essentially enables breweries to order and print cans without losing any efficiency—you can continue producing your beverage with a clear, eco-friendly conscience.

Also -- check out our PakTech Consolidation Program information for more details on our plastic recovery efforts!