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MOQs are increasing... at some point. How does this affect CBW and digital printing?

We've been engaged on several sides of the discussion throughout the pandemic and even more so recently (with Ball Corporation/other manufacturers, craft beverage producers, and the Brewers Association).
Specifically for CBW, from a thousand foot level, it looks really good. The other side of the coin is our digital print business model serves companies running fewer than 200,000 cans per SKU (the old MOQ). With that MOQ increasing to 1,000,000, our total addressable market significantly increases, but our annual capacity does not. 

Ball's move here will help them produce more cans. They need to produce more cans because their currently contracted demand likely far outweighs their current production capacity. Whether or not they make this change, someone won't get cans that they need to put liquid in. Whether or not they make this change, canned beverage prices are going to increase.

Ball has engaged with small businesses like us so we can serve the market that they cannot right now. We hope they continue to do so as this develops further.



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