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Shipping/Return Policy

Shipping and Freight Policy Craft Beverage Warehouse (CBW):

Please read our terms and conditions for shipping and freight carefully. The customer agrees to be bound by this agreement and accepts all terms and conditions.

LTL/FREIGHT: It is the responsibility of the receiver to open and inspect all packaged products at the time of delivery. All LTL freight will be shipped prepaid and add via best way unless otherwise specified. Shipments will not be processed until a complete and full shipping address is received. CBW will only ship to addresses within the US that can be verified according to our standards. CBW cannot ship to PO, APO or FPO Boxes.

Additional freight/accessorial charges incurred by CBW will be billed to the customer. These include, but are not limited to:

LIFT GATE REQUIREMENTS: If the recipient address does not have a loading dock then a lift gate is required, and a lift gate charge will apply. If the distributor is unable to determine if a lift gate is required, then it will be assumed that one is. Additional fees will also apply if a lift gate is needed but it wasn’t specified in the original shipment. All delivery addresses in residential areas will require lift gates.

INSIDE DELIVERY: If the shipment must be delivered into a building or onto a building site by the freight carrier, inside delivery charges will apply, (even if the pallet(s) are set inside a doorway).

DELIVERY CONTACT: For all LTL shipments a contact person and contact phone number is required. Shipments may not be processed without contact information.

DELIVERY APPOINTMENTS: Additional fees will apply for scheduled delivery date and/or time. 

RESIDENTIAL/COMMERCIAL: Shipment must be specified as to whether it is residential or commercial. If the shipment is not specified, then it will be assumed to be commercial. If the delivery is residential, additional fees will apply.

RECONSIGNMENT / REDELIVERY / REFUSED SHIPMENTS: Customer will be responsible for any/all reconsignment, redelivery and refused shipment fees. (Refused shipment due to damage will not have additional fees.)

SHORTAGES: All claims for shortages on a shipment must be received within (3) days of receipt of shipment.

SMALL PACKAGES:  Small packages will ship prepaid via USPS, UPS, FEDEX or SPEEDEE unless otherwise specified. Small packages will ship via 3rd party accounts. CBW will only ship to addresses within the US that can be verified according to our standards. CBW cannot ship to PO, APO or FPO Boxes.

SHORTAGES: All claims for shortages on a shipment must be received within (3) days of receipt of shipment.

DAMAGES: Due to the fragility of many of our products, up to two percent damage should be anticipated. If merchandise arrives with visible significant damage, the customer must REFUSE the package back to the carrier attempting delivery. If the package is accepted, any damage MUST BE NOTED on the carrier’s delivery record in order for CBW to file a damage claim. Keep the product and the original box/packing it arrived in, and IMMEDIATELY notify CBW. If you do not notify CBW of damaged goods within the first 24 hours of arrival, our regular return policy will override any claim of damage. The common carriers who deliver CBW products to you are responsible for loss and damages. Acceptance of the shipment by you, the customer, is acknowledgment that all items were delivered in good condition. It is the responsibility of the receiver to open and inspect all packaged products at the time of delivery. Any damages must be notated by the delivery person or a damage claim cannot be filed. Failure to find and report concealed damages will result in a loss to the receiver. Shipping charges on returned items are the customer’s responsibility.

DAMAGE CLAIMS: CBW will handle the claims and replacement process if shipped on CBW'S account. If the shipment is shipped on receiver or 3rd party accounts, it is the customer’s responsibility to process the claim with the carrier. CBW accepts zero responsibility for handling freight claims that do not ship on our own account. CBW reserves the right to request photographs of damages for claims purposes. Damage claims must be filed within 24 hours of receipt of receiving shipment.

RETURNS: If a customer wishes to return product, the customer must contact CBW for a RA number. When the customer receives an RA number, they will also receive instructions as to how to return the product. Returns must be shipped back as specified by CBW. Shipments that are not received in accordance with the return policies will be refused. Any attempt to send the return back on CBW's account will be refused. RA numbers will be valid for (10) days from date of issue. Restocking fees will be processed as below unless otherwise specified by CBW.  

0% RESTOCKING FEE: This applies to returns due to misshipments by CBW which were not opened and that arrive in completely new/original condition.

20% RESTOCKING FEE: Applies to returns due to misorders, cancellations, decisions to use a different product or any other customer’s discretionary reason that isn’t under CBW’s control. It also applies to any product that must be repackaged due to shipping damage, markings/labeling by distributors or poor condition due to how the item was sent back.

100% RESTOCKING FEE/NO CREDIT: This applies if the returned product is unsellable. Specifically, but not limited to: shipping damages, product that has been modified, or any other factors which would render the product to be unsellable. The customer has the right to request the return of any merchandise after notification of restocking fees. Any return to the customer must ship on the customer’s freight account. Requests for return of product must be made within 10 days after notification. After 10 days, items not returned will be scrapped.