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12oz Sleek Brite Cans


Shipping/Return Policy

About this product

Manufactured by Ball, these sleek body-diameter, 12oz brite cans are compatible with 202 end lids.

Check out the spec sheets below for drawings, measurements, tolerances, and liner information.

Ball brite cans are shipped on reusable plastic dunnage. There is a refundable dunnage deposit of $157.50 included in the purchase price. Please see our Dunnage Policy & Return Instructions for more information on these deposits and return information.


***Brite cans are only available in the quantities listed. We do not break down pallets of brite cans to smaller quantities***


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Lining: BPANI, Sherwin Williams V70Q11AA
  • Full Pallet Quantity - 7,084 Cans (14 Tiers)
  • Fill Volume: 12oz/355ml
  • Body Diameter: 204
  • End Diameter: 202