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If you have a question, we have the answer for you. If you don't see your question below, please "Contact Us" and we will help you out. 


What is UV Digital Printing and how does it work on cans?

To keep this explanation simple, the ink is sprayed onto the can in dots. White and CMYK colors create base layers or mix to become other colors, then we add varnish layers to give different finishes or tactile feel (raised to the touch). The ink and varnish is cured with a UV light.

What sizes can you print on?

We are able to print on Standard and Sleek cans. Currently, we stock and print 8.4oz (250ml) Standard “stubby”, 12oz Standard, 16oz Standard, and 12oz Sleek cans.

Do you offer artwork instructions and print templates?

Yes! Check out our Manage Artwork page for templates for each can size we offer, detailed design instructions, and a sample artwork file. You’ll need to utilize these templates before you submit your artwork because of all the cool stuff we can do.

We’ve seen some digital can printers that don’t print on the neck. Does your technology print on the neck of the can?

You bet we can print on the neck! This is new technology, so we have some suggestions for that neck artwork: (1) if you’d like letters or words on the neck, don’t use too thin of a font and try to place them as low on the neck as possible; (2) stay away from dark, solid colors (try something brighter, metallic, or a design on the neck; (3) a glossy over varnish on the neck really makes things POP! 

Can you print higher up on the neck of the can if you want to?

Yes we can, since it is outside our normal quality procedures you will need fill out our Raised Neck Waiver. This will educate you on why we don't offer this regularly and if you would still like to move forward with an increased neck print please fill out the form on the bottom and send back to us via email to Once we receive your waiver, we will send you raised neck templates to place your artwork on and submit for sampling. 

Can I see a sample before submitting my artwork?

Of course. Send a request to and we’ll get a CBW-branded sample in the mail right away.

Can I see a physical sample of my own design prior to production?

Yes - we want to make sure you’re getting the best can possible and that’s the only way. After our team reviews your artwork, we’ll print a physical sample and get it in the mail to you ASAP. Production orders will be on hold until you approve the physical sample, then it’s off to the races.

How much does each physical sample cost?

Even though we’ve made it a super easy process for our customers, there’s a lot that goes into our artwork review and sample process. We charge a $25 sample fee per SKU. Check out our Sample Fees/Resubmittal Policy for more information.

How many revisions can we make on a sample?

If our design team sees issues with your artwork, they’ll be in touch with you with advice on how to best utilize the available print techniques. During this process, we expect slight revisions. 

Once a physical sample has been mailed, any revisions made will restart the sample process and incur a new $25 sample fee. Refer to the Sample Fees/Resubmittal Policy for more information. 

How long does it take to receive the physical sample after placing a sample order?

At most, it will be 5 business days, but often sooner!

Does your team offer design services?

Not at this point. Our team is busy helping all of our customers get the most out of their packaging lineup. If this is something you think we should offer, let us know!

Do you have minimum order quantities?

Yes. Due to the utilization of reusable plastic dunnage, we’ve implemented a minimum order of 9 tiers (Standard - 3501 Cans; Sleek - 4554 Cans). With that said, we do allow for multiple skus to fill that minimum as long as they are ordered in full layer increments!

Why can’t I see Printed Cans Pricing on your website?

Once you create an account on our website, you’ll have access to pricing for the printed cans.  

Why can’t I order Printed Cans once logged into the website?

You will only be able to order printed cans after physical samples have been approved. Once approved, you’ll have access to approved designs on the product page and be able purchase printed cans in the sizes in which you have approved artwork. 

Does pricing include the can also or do we need to provide that? 

Good question - pricing listed on the website includes the can. We supply all of the cans so you don’t have to worry about it.

What is your typical lead time after placing an order once samples are approved?

We aim for a 5 Business Day turnaround from the time a production order is placed. If we expect to deliver earlier or later, we’ll let you know right away.

Can I add other items (Can Ends, Paktech, Case Trays) to my order and have them shipped with my Printed Can order? 

Yes - we hope you do! We’ve negotiated some phenomenal deals on accompanying packaging materials and we want to be your one-stop-shop for beverage canning.

How are my cans shipped once they are printed?

We utilize various LTL (less than truckload) carriers for the majority of our shipments. Rather than plastic wrapping our pallets, we use corrugated cardboard pallet protectors to help reduce damage while your cans travel to their filling destination.

Can we pick up our order if we are local?

Yes - choose the “Local Pickup” option at checkout and we’ll work together to find the perfect time for you to pick up your order. If you’ve got cans with your order, make sure your vehicle can handle the load: pallets are 56”x44”x up to 93” tall, depending on the number of tiers you order.

What is the Dunnage Deposit charge on my order?

We utilize plastic reusable dunnage - and boy, is it expensive! We charge you a dunnage deposit on your order, then credit it back to you when you return the dunnage. Refer to the Dunnage Policy for more information.

Why should I choose digitally printed cans over shrink sleeves?

We’ve talked to officials at our local recycling facility that utilizes single-sort recycling machinery, and they’ve told us that the machinery reads cans with plastic shrink sleeves covering them as plastic items. They move through the plastic stream and ultimately end up in the landfill because they are not actually plastic. What a waste of this infinitely-recyclable aluminum material!

If plastic sleeve-covered cans do end up with other aluminum cans, they degrade the quality of the material, making it less valuable for future use.

What is single-sort recycling?

Single-sort recycling (AKA single-stream or fully commingled) is when you throw all of your recyclable materials into one bucket and the recovery/recycling facility sorts it for you.

What else are you doing to improve the sustainability of beverage packaging?

Check out our Sustainability page to see our efforts in action!